How to maintain your jewelry

How to maintain your jewelry?

Our jewelry is present throughout our lives, fetishes, gift lover or simply remember our jewelry is precious and there is the apple of our eyes. A bear them, they use their color faded, scratched their stones ... How to avoid the damage and see black day? Tips for maintenance and spare them the ravages of time.

1. Daily routine
Jewelry weared on the neck or wrist are in constant contact with the skin and gradually cover a tiny film of perspiration and cosmetics (cream, soap, makeup, perfume, etc ...). This film will act as a trap for dust room which we are surrounded and will hold it in the hollow of the jewel. This mixture will then act as an abrasive and wear very quickly the metal where the stitches are in contact.
Regular cleaning can keep your jewelry looking fresh and bright as if they came out of the jewelry.
In summary:
- Remove jewelry before sleeping and showering
- To avoid friction, not wearing several rings on the same finger
- Do not swim with your jewelry (sea bathing and swimming)
- Remove jewelry before any housework, DIY or gardening
- Do not put your jewelry in contact with cleaning products
- Protect your stones bumps and scratches
- Regularly check your fasteners and swaged
- Do not wear your jewelry after using your cosmetics (perfume, hairspray, ...)

2. Storage
To prevent the jewelry is scratch in contact with each other, it should be protected individually. Each piece should be stored in its case or its individual pouch or in a separate compartment of the jewelry box. Chains and necklaces must be closed, laid flat and wrapped. Never put more jewelry together without protection. Trip, just a piece of tissue paper to wrap enough.

3. How to clean your jewelry?
You can clean your own jewelry with warm soapy water (detergent or soap), wiping gently with a soft toothbrush and insisting in the hollows of the jewel. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and dry with a soft cloth or paper towel. This rinse is very important and it should remain no trace of soap or dirt, otherwise the dust will again be retained and the wear process over again. For extra shine, rub your jewelry with a chamois or micro fiber fabrics.

Tips and tricks
Clean with soap to scrub the skin: put a little on a small soft toothbrush, then scrub vigorously jewelry. Rinse with water and dry with a soft cloth.

4. Silver jewelry
The silver jewelry tend to darken, this change is not an indication of poor quality. The 925 silver oxidize naturally when it is placed in the open air and then covered with a grayish film. This is a normal phenomenon, because silver is always mixed with a small amount of copper to give it flexibility and it is this that makes black in contact with oxygen in the air. It is therefore important to clean your jewelry regularly to retain their original appearance. More silver jewelry is coated with a layer of rhodium. This material makes money less bright but effectively protects against the blackening.

5. Tips and tricks
Take an old toothbrush, not too hard, a little toothpaste and gently rub your silver jewelry. Avoid rubbing the stone or crystal! Then rinse your jewelery with warm water and dry gently with a soft cloth or chamois fabric.

6. What not to do!
Never use solvents, abrasive products or products for cleaning silver cutlery. It wears jewelry prematurely. Never use either scouring pads dishes. Use only soft cloths!
Bleach blackened silver. If you need to use, protect your hands with gloves or remove your silver jewelry. Products for hair coloring, for the permanent, body lotions and other beauty products can tarnish your silver jewelry.




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